Sporn Head Control Harness

4 interest-free $7.48 fortnightly instalments
Designed for Heavy to Extreme pullers! An easy-to-use harness for friendly pull-control. The head halter is connected to a lead at the back of the head not the side, providing gentle guidance from the withers, not around face. Another feature of this head harness, it converts easily to a collar. Great for all size dogs simply select the suitable size as shown below.

Sizing information

Small: Neck size maximum 30cm for eg. Pug, Jack Russel, Bichon

Medium: Neck size maximum 37cm for eg. Cocker spaniels, Dalmatians.

Large: Neck size maximum 54cm for eg. Labrador, Collies, German Shepherds

X Large: Neck size maximum 80cm for eg. Mastiffs, Great Danes, St Bernard’s

Type: Halter

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