Kumfi Muzzle

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The Kumfi safety dog muzzle is a fixed size with an adjustable strap and comes complete with instruction booklet. The Kumfi Safety Muzzle helps prevent barking, chewing & biting; is fully adjustable; calms excitable dogs; fitting & training guide included. Dogs are still able to eat and drink with a Kumfi Muzzle. To obtain the correct size muzzle for your dog, simply measure around the snout just in front of the dog's eyes (the circumference in cm's). Small - a snout measurement of 20 -22 cm, medium - a snout measurement of 22 - 26cm, large - a snout measurement of 26 - 30cm, XL - a snout measurement of 30 - 35cm. The Kumfi range has been designed by George Grayson, a dog training specialist for over 50 years and Chairman of the Dog Training Industry Association U.K.

Type: Harness

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