Hound Lavish Black Collar

4 interest-free $14.48 fortnightly instalments

A new range of martingale collars from an innovative and caring USA company.  Satin or Swiss velvet lined – spectacular designs – suitable for all dogs.

These collars are custom made in the USA with triple stitching at pressure points to reinforce durability.  These collars are not mass produced so the market is not flooded with the same design over and over – being handmade and custom designed, not two collars are identical.  Instead creating many different collections and only producing a limited number of each collection means you won't walk your dog down the street and see the same collar on every corner. 

Your dog will benefit from the care and attention put into every single collar that is made.  All of these collars are designed with safety as the first consideration and style a close second.  Creating unusual and unique dog collar designs that are guaranteed to make your dog feel as special as he or she makes you feel every day.

Sizes stocked to fit Italian Greyhound, Whippet and Greyhound.  Martingale collars are traditionally used for sight hounds due to their neck being larger than their head, however, they work exceptionally well on any dog – especially a strong pulling dog.

Type: Collars

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