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To all our valued customers

Our lease has ended and we are on the move…

Although our St Kilda Store is closing you will still be able to enjoy Puppy Phat's creativity and innovative designs online AND in new and exciting places.

Let us keep in touch with you so you know how to follow us on our new adventure by joining our newsletter via the web site or catch up on facebook.

In the meantime, take advantage of the great discounts available on items so we don't have to pack, move and store them!!!!

25% off storewide with many items discounted by 50 % - 70%. The only exception to our sale is Royal Canin and treats.

The kind donations you all make to the "5c tip" piggy bank has raised over $83.00 and will be split between the Lost Dog's Home and the RSPCA.

Any queries email: stkilda@puppyphat.com

We would appreciate your co-operation in presenting any gift vouchers or credit notes over the next two weeks so they can be honoured