Tell us what you think about the new website

November 09, 2012

It’s been a while between posts, apologies for that. 

Although the St Kilda store is now closed, we hope you will enjoy the new website and the Xmas goodies that will be available online. Bear with us while the any small quirks are ironed out. Please email us at if you spot something that needs fixing. The most exciting feature is that updates stock are live – this means that the stock is always up to date. Weekly specials will be a regular feature and lots of discounts for Xmas.

All your old favs will be back in stock in the next couple of weeks – Xmas deli packs, lambchops, ho ho ho.

Congrats to Brynne Edelsten on her TV show and Juddy starring again – he was looking so dapper in Puppy Phat gear.

A huge thank you to all the kind emails with support and wishes that I received after my accident and during my continuing recovery. We will back “on the streets” in the New Year – so you can bring the pooch and say hello…yeah….